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It mainly deals with common health issues and how to manage them - what you can do for yourself is emphasised.



Slimming ideas will help you lose weight. Diet pills, diet plans, exercise plans etc are all available here.

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Ideal health store will provide common useful medicines, vitamins, special diets etc.


Online clinics provide free online consultation followed by suggested treatment.


We should all strive to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Remember, consulting your doctor is the best option.


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If you are over 50 or your diet is restricted eg weight loss diet, diabetic diet, low fat diet etc then take a tablet of Boots Multivitamins with iron everyday.

Healthy lifestyle

can prevent many diseases, conditions and cancers.

Mainly it consists of Healthy diet, regular exercise and no smoking.

 Health info ideas

Your health matters!

This website contains health ideas on diseases conditions and wellness topics. They are reliable, easy to understand and useful to adult health enthusiasts.


Wide range of topics are covered on common health issues and how to manage them under: Wellness,  General health, Diabetes and Endocrine diseases.


This website will help you attain maintain enhance health. With the knowledge, you should be able to make an informed choice of common medicines, vitamins, diet pills, special diets, exercise plans etc.


Slimming info and products will help tackle obesity and slow down the rising number of type2 diabetes.


Blogs related to this site on common diseases conditions and wellness.


Medical teaching ideas:  for junior doctors and nurses: articles are on general medicine, diabetes, endocrinology.

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Reliable health and slimming products like medicines, vitamins, special diet foods, diet pills etc are available at Ideal health store and Slimming ideas sections.

Weight loss diets, diet pills, weight loss program, online superstores - choose what you need.

Clinics online provide free medical consultation on embarrassing conditions. You can buy treatment as well confidentially.

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Subrata's ideas, Subrata's diary,  Money ideas  etc.