Good Money Making Idea:

1. Create a simple blog like this one:

Buy a short cheap domain name. Then use website builder to create a free blog.

2. Monetise your blog - join Bidvertiser as a publisher to earn..

3. Promote it at PTC site or social media etc

Money Ideas

My ideas on earning money online for free. Saving money is earning money indirectly. There will be ideas on saving money as well.

The ideas are likely to be useful for those who are retired or unemployed.

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Easy ideas on saving money

Posted on 15th October, 2018

Money saved is Money earned. These are a few ideas on saving money:

*Superstore Loyalty Cards like Tesco club card.

*Look out for offers.

*Look around for cheap price of same brand product.

*Use cashback Credit Cards eg Halifax.

*Send money to India free via Indian bank branches eg SBIUK savings account.

*Take Repayment Mortgage. Repay it first if you can afford.

*Learn DIY small repairs in and around the house.

*Save on gas, electricty, water, insurances etc. Shop around.

*Follow a Healthy Lifestyle. It will save you money as well!

Online Money Earning Ideas For Free!

Posted on 10th October, 2018

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