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It mainly deals with common health issues and how to manage them - what you can do for yourself is emphasised.


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Take one a day if you are over 50

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Your own doctor is the best person to consult if you are unsure of something.


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Your health matters!

This website contains health ideas on diseases conditions and wellness topics. They are reliable, easy to understand and useful to adult health enthusiasts.


Wide range of topics are covered on common health issues and how to manage them under: Wellness,  General health, Diabetes and Endocrine diseases.


This website will help you attain maintain enhance health. With the knowledge, you should be able to make an informed choice of common medicines, vitamins, diet pills, special diets, exercise plans etc.


Clinics online - provide free medical consultation on embarrassing conditions. You can buy treatment as well confidentially. You can get sexually transmitted infections diagnosed and treated online.


Blogs - Health ideas blog, Health news blog, Clinical tips blog etc


Medical teaching ideas:  for junior doctors and nurses: articles are on general medicine, diabetes, endocrinology.

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Health tips:  If you are over 50, take a tablet of 'Multivitamin with iron' daily alongwith a healthy lifetyle. That will boost your immunity.

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