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Latest Posts

One day my wife reported that our Bosch electric rotary lawnmower has suddenly stopped working when she was using it.

I checked the plug and cable - were ok. Then took the cover out to check the motor. The rocking swich on the handle wire was out of the point. I pushed it back in. Then put the switch on and the motor was running.

The plastic hand switch lever was broken. I removed it and cut a hole on top of the control box through which I can put my thumb to push the switch on and off.


Bosch rotary lawnmower control box

In this way I am still using my old lawnmower.

The only problem is that I can use my left hand only to push the lawnmower.

The old shower screen was removed easily.


I bought a cryodex shower screen seal from homebase.

As I tried to glue it to the glass shower screen it kept coming off due to recoil - I could not keep it straight for long enough.

After a lot of thinking, I nailed it to a long thin sheet of wood first. Then applied epoxy glue with a cotton bud to the seal as well as the glass. That seems to have worked.

Shower screen seal with wood sheet nailed on

After a few hours, it remaied stuck to the glass. Later on, I removed the wood sheet.


I applied a little silicone sealant as well along the top edge of glue.

Last 3 weeks or so we noted water stain on the kitchen ceiling. It has been slowly spreading.

Water stain on kitchen ceiling















I knew there must be some water leakage from the bathroom which is just above our kitchen. Leaky bathtub must be the cause as there was no leakage around the sink or toilet.

I put some silicone sealant all around the bathtub and along the nearby joints. Opened the bathtub drain and tigtened the seal using some plumbers putty

Still the water mark was increasing.

Called the plumber and he found the leakge from around the base of mixer taps.

Leakage sites


He put new washers and it stopped the leakage. He had to remove the bathtub side panel for access under the bathtub. He fitted a new bathtub waste and overflow as the old one was not completely water. Spent £220 on parts and labour.


If left for long, the leakage could lead rottening of the woods and major damage to the ceiling of the kitchen incurring much higher expenditure to repair!


I have a plan to cover the water stain with Paintlock spray.

Found out that last few days people have been unable to contact us on our landline.

I tried calling home ie my landline on my mobile. The phone does not ring and 'call ended' message came up on my mobile.


I did a SOCKET TEST as follows:

Test Socket is inside lower flap






















Test socket is by the entrance door. Removed the two screws and lightly pulled out the bottom flap. This exposed the test socket. I plugged in, one by one, all the landline phones, tried ringing them from my mobile. Same result.


So, I called the Sky customer service, told them about it and they said that it is a 'line fault' which will be repaired by engineer who will text me when repaired.