Good Money Making Idea:

1. Create a simple blog like this one:

Buy a short cheap domain name. Then use website builder to create a free blog.

2. Monetise your blog - join Bidvertiser as a publisher to earn..

3. Promote it at PTC site or social media etc

Easy ideas on saving money

Posted on 15th October, 2018

Money saved is Money earned. These are a few ideas on saving money:

*Superstore Loyalty Cards like Tesco club card.

*Look out for offers.

*Look around for cheap price of same brand product.

*Use cashback Credit Cards eg Halifax.

*Send money to India free via Indian bank branches eg SBIUK savings account.

*Take Repayment Mortgage. Repay it first if you can afford.

*Learn DIY small repairs in and around the house.

*Save on gas, electricty, water, insurances etc. Shop around.

*Follow a Healthy Lifestyle. It will save you money as well!

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