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Subrata Mallik


Name - Subrata Mallik



Occupation - Health professional in the NHS. Webmaster and author of Health ideas website. Tweetmaster.



Location - London    Email:



The picture above was taken long long ago, obviously.



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Hobbies: Building website. Writing for the website. Travel. Music. Movies.


Working life in brief:


41 years of working life 1972 to 2014

Qualifications: MBBS (Calcutta) MD in General Medicine (Calcutta), MRCP(UK), FICA (USA)
Did not bother about getting FRCP - feels rather geriatric!

I am a clinician. I am not academic or research minded. I enjoy healing patients.
I beleive 'variety is the spice of life'. I enjoy travelling, seeing new places. Whole of my career is full of variety which I thoroughly enjoyed.

All the way I felt someone above has been helping me. Without Him I am a non-entity.


1972 - 1977 : Internship, Medical SHO under Professor-Director, Surgical SHO in Cardiothoracic surgery, Anatomy demonstrator, Senior OD in Emergency - all at NRS Medical College, Calcutta.

1977 - 1984 : Clinical attachment in Geriatrics, Geriatric SHO, Medical SHO, Geriatric Registrar, Medical Registrar - in England and Wales.

1984 - 1991 : Consultant Physician at Prince Salman Hospital. It was a brand new hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was the head of the department of Medicine and established the department. It was opened by Prince Salman. Initial 3 months before it was started, I worked as Medical specialist at Riyadh Central Hospital.

1991 - 1993 : Short stay in England. Worked for Locum Agencies as Consultant and Registrar in Medicine.

1993 - 1996 : Consultant Physician and Diabetologist at Peerless Hospital. It was a brand new private hospital in Garia, Calcutta. I was the head of the department. Established the department of Medicine and Diabetes clinic.

1996 - 2002 : Clinical assistant in Medicine at Ealing Hospital/Clayponds Hospital.

I was not on the specialist register as I was too old to go through the training process. At the suggestion of JCHMT I started working as Locum Consultant Physician.

2002 - 2014 : Locum Consultant Physician in Medicine.
Stoke Mandeville Hospital - LCP in Acute Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Endocrinology and Diabetes for four years.
Prince Charles Hospital, Wales - LCP in Endocrinology and Diabetes.
Kettering General Hospital, Northampton - LCP in Endocrinology and Diabetes, Outlying Medicine which I established, Elderly care Medicine.

My last job was very light. That is when I launched my website Health ideas at on 11 May 2011 with which I have been keeping myself busy.


I have completely retired on 06 January 2014.