Passing blood in the urine, also called heamaturia, indicates problem with the urinary tract. Urinary tract consists of urethra, prostate (in males), bladder, ureters and kidneys.


Urinary tract

Causes of blood in urine

>Urinary tract infection (UTI). It is the commonest cause. UTI is more common in females because of short urethra.




>Excessive exercise

>Inflammation of kidneys, urethra, prostate

>Anticoagulant therapy eg warfarin therapy

>Blood disorders


Rare causes are: TB, schistosomiasis (parasite infection).


Causes of change in urine colour

Food: beetroot

Drugs: senna, rifampicin

Vitamin b complex

Menstrual blood may get mixed with urine.


Haemoglobin or myoglobin in the urine.


If you notice blood in the urine, get your urine tested at your doctor's surgery and take appropriate advice.