Arthritis due to crystals

Crystal arthritis consists of Gout and Pseudogout.


Gout- crystals of sodium urate form inside joints, most commonly big toe. Any joint can be affected.


Sudden severe pain in the joint, along with swelling and redness. It can be so severe that patient cannot tolerate even the weight of the bed sheet!


Symptoms develop rapidly in 6-24 hours and usually last for 3-10 days. Symptoms subside afterwards.


Who are affected:

Gout is commoner in men and older people.

Obese are more affected.

High blood pressure or diabetes

Family history of gout.

Chronic kidney disease.

High purine diet - eg frequently eating sardines and liver

Excess alcohol.


Diagnosis is confirmed mainly by examining fluid of affected joint.


Treatment - NSAID, Colchicine, Prednisolone, DMARD, Biological treatment.



Another similar arthritis is called Pseudogout. It results from deposition of Calcium Pyrophosphate crystals in the joint. Knees are most commonly affected. Symptoms are similar to Gout but less severe. Treatment is symptomatic.


See your doctor if you are affected.