Ideas on Diseases and Conditions

Dideases and conditions


Some medical terms have been used in the articles for health professionals.


Diabetes ideas
Diabetes in briefNeedle and diabetesNerve damage in diabetes
Diabetes in pregnancyT1DM suggestionT1 and T2DM compared
Important info on diabetesErectile dysfunctionControlling difficult diabetes
Type1 diabetesInsulin injections

If you are a diabetic - in addition to reading these articles, please visit  Diabetes UK as well. The address is -

Endocrine ideas
Under-active thyroidOver-active thyroidHyperparathyroidism
Adrenal glands in briefAddison's diseaseCushings syndrome


Elderly health
Elderly patientCare of the elderlyFalls and the elderly
Dementia in briefHypothermia in the elderlyBlood thinning
Urinary tract infectionSwollen legsDeep vein thrombosis



General health
High blood pressure Ambulatory blood pressureSwelling of the abdomen
Tired all the timeVitamin B12 deficiencyVitamin D deficiency
Autoimmune diseasesCarpal tunnel syndromeItchy skin in brief
Cholesterol do-it-yourselfHeadache in briefSwallowing difficulty
Irritating bowel syndromeFaint collapse syncopeAchalasia cardia
Down's syndrome Breathing difficultyCrystal arthritis
Drugs ideaasClinics onlineSkin cancer
Gall bladder stone


Other health articles are under 'Medical teaching' - more suitable for health professionals.