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*Breast feeding is the best feeding for the baby. It has been linked to higher IQ in later life.

*It is useful to divide foods into 3 groups: 1. Foods allowed freely 2. Foods allowed in moderation 3. Foods to be avoided.

*For all practical purposes, diabetes cannot be cured, it has to be kept under control. Type2 diabetes may be prevented.

*Almonds are the best among the nuts. Soak 4 to 6 overnight, take them on empty stomach in the morning.

*Type2 diabetes is very common. Control is possible only with willing cooperation of the patient. Doctor and Health ideas can only advise.

*Common source of dietary fibre - wholemeal bread/chapati, brown rice, porridge oats, beans, peas, lentils, leafy vegetables.

*Stop smoking as it can cause cancers, COPD, damage to all the systems by accelerating atherosclerosis 

*Regular exercise - exercise 30 mins per day, 5 days a week. At least Stay active.

*Healthy diet - low fat, low sugar, low salt, high fibre diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

*Healthy lifestyle mainly consists of Healthy diet, Regular exercise and No smoking.

*First step in DIY health is to go online and visit Health ideas at

*Solid foundation of Health building is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

*A tablet daily of Multivitamins with iron can be a part of heaalthy lifestyle if you are over 50.

*Stop smoking altogether - it has no positive health benefit.

*Diet sweat and wait to lose weight.

*Do a few sit-ups before you get up - keeps tummy in shape.

*An apple a day, keeps the doctor away - eat more fruit and vegetable.

*Type1 and type2 diabetes cannot be cured - they have to be kept under control.

*If you are overweight and have excess hair - you may have polycystic ovaries.

*If you are putting on weight inspite of low calorie diet and vigorous exercise, you may have under-active thyroid.

*Swimming is not a good exercise to lose weight because it is not strenuous enough.

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