Guidelines on supplements

Our diet now a days are rarely wholesome. So, health supplements have a role to play.

Following suggested:


All adults over the age of 50 should consider taking a multivitamins with iron tablet daily. Anyone on modified diet eg diabetic, one trying to lose weight, high cholesterol, vegetarian, vegan etc should also do it.


Pregnant and lactating women and growing children may need health supplements.


Women with heavy periods may need iron supplement.


Vegetarians & vegans may need Vit B12, D, Iron & Calcium.


Post-menopausal women need Calcium & Vit D to prevent osteoporosis.


People with alcohol problem need Vit B complex and Thiamin.


Diabetics can consider taking diabetic supplements and antioxidants.


The supplements should not replace traditional treatment.


If you consider taking supplement:

>See if you need supplements

>Buying online is cheaper but go for reliable merchants

>Read the label for ingredients

>See the recommended dosage. Do not take more than that

>Read the storage instructions

>Consult your doctor before taking them, particularly if you are on some medications already