Tooth filling by yourself

If you suddenly find that your tooth filling fell off, what can you and should you do?


You should get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible.

However, if for any reason you cannot see your dentist for a few days for whatever reason, don't panic. Help is at hand.


This is what you can do:


>Get rid of the filling as it is no use any more.

>Keep your mouth clean.

>Take soft food.

>Rinse mouth each time after eating anything.

>Remove any food debris by tooth pick and floss.

>Brush your teeth gently twice a day.

>Take pain killer like Ibuprofen.

>Do a temporary filling yourself


How to do temporary tooth filling:


>Buy Dentek temporary filling material (see below)

>You will also need a mirror and cotton bud.

Do not do it if you are having throbbing pain, if gums are swollen and inflamed, running temperature etc. indicating infection.


-Rinse your mouth with warm water.

-Take a pinch of filling material and roll it into a ball between your two fingers. Use generous amount.

-Apply it to the cavity.

-Bite gently on it.

-Chew gently a couple of times.

-With wet cotton bud, gently press on the material against the cavity.

-Remove excess material gently with wet cotton bud.

-Do not chew for 2 to 3 hours. The material will set as it comes in contact with saliva.

All done!


Do not forget to see your dentist as soon as possible because he will be able to provide with permanent solution of the problem.

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